250 USDT and NFTs, MetaSpets Giveaway #2, Multiple Winners

250 USDT and NFTs, MetaSpets Giveaway #2, Multiple Winners Giveaway Image

MetaSpets Giveaway For Filipino KOLs' Users Do not miss any chance to own valuable MetaSpets Egg Basket. ???? Reward ???? 2 Egg Baskets + 50 USDT for Top 2 Referal (1 Egg Basket + 25 USDT for each winner) 3 Egg Baskets for 3 random winners (1 Egg Basket for each winner) 200 USDT for 10 random winners (20 USDT for each winner) ???? Note ???? - The winner result will be announced on https://t.me/MetaSpetsPhilippines on 16th May 2022 - You must have at least 60 entries to be qualified for the giveaway The higher entries the higher chance to win - The reward wallet is the Metamask Wallet (BEP20) - Members remember to keep your Private key or Seed phrase carefully. ???? About MetaSpets ???? MetaSpets is a Turn-based Idle RPG game with a “Play and Earn” form. The Game has meticulous graphics and imagery with more than 60 Super Pets, attractive gameplay, well-balanced in-game economy, and stable server system. MetaSpets promises to bring the greatest experiences as well as stable and long-term incomes for the community. Website: https://metaspets.io/ Poocoin Chart ???? About MSP Egg Baskets ???? ● A total of 4,165 EGG BASKETS are on the market. 1,000 Egg Baskets will be sold in private round and used as rewards in future giveaway events. ● Only 3,165 Egg baskets will be sold at INO (May, 14th 2022) for MSP HOLDERS ● Each egg basket gives 4 Spets once opened. ● Egg Baskets offer 10-time more chances of getting Titan Spets than the Golden eggs. ● The Titan Spets have many times more power than the other ones. ● ROI of The Titan Spet is only 5 DAYS. ???? MetaSpets Testnet ???? ???????? https://play-testnet.metaspets.io/ ???????? (web only) ???????? How to play ???????? ???????? Testnet Special Events ????????

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