Handmade Wooden Dice Tray Giveaway (Three Winners!)

Handmade Wooden Dice Tray Giveaway (Three Winners!) Giveaway Image

We are making a very limited run of handmade wooden dice trays featuring creepy fantasy art. To celebrate our upcoming new series Dinner and a Board Game we are giving three of them away! There are many ways below to enter to win the trays and get them before anyone else. These dice trays will add the perfect dark fantasy touch to your gaming table. The rubber and fabric tray bottom is the ideal rolling surface, while the wooden walls provide a very satisfying clatter as your dice are rolled. There will be many designs to choose from, but when they go live, they will be available in very limited quantities. In Dinner and a Board Game, we will play board games on custom-built 3D game boards and cook dinner with the friends we invite to the game. You can do so much more than just order pizza for gaming night. We'll show you a variety of dishes we cook and pair with appropriate drinks. It is tons of fun! You can get a sneak peek of some of the custom board game sets for Zombicide, Descent, Diplomacy, and more that we have built when you sign up. Join me on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, and Instagram while we build all of the sets we need for Dinner and a Board Game and turn my house into a medieval fantasy tavern gaming hall. Come and join me! Sign up below for a chance to win, to be notified when the dice trays are available to purchase, and when Dinner and a Board Game goes live!

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